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Mark A Walker, MFA Sculptor

Mark has been a sculptor for over 30 years. He earned is MFA in sculpture from the University of Washington. His work has been displayed in galleries from Los Angeles to Seattle. Not only does he create his own work but he collaborates on work with artists such as Brian Despain, Rok Knob studio and Tulalip artist, James Madison. Mark has also collaborated with software giant Valve.

The quality of his work has garnered him many commissions in the north Puget sound region. In addition he is a sought after consultant for his expertise in mold making and in bronze casting.

His love of students and teaching keeps him busy at Terrace High School and also at the Pratt Art Institute in Seattle. He is one of the most popular teachers at Terrace HS and at Pratt. He is a natural teacher and has been named as Teacher of the year.

Mark's own work is edgy, and definitely shows a truly creative and energetic spirit not seen in "safe" art. His work continues to push the envelope from design to his use of multiple materials in conjunction with bronze.